Children’s room decoration

1 ) The large wall art for living room is well-chosen
Children room appropriate chooses the space that can keep Yang gas energy first when the sun rises, the “east” position associated with boy first selection estate house, the “southeast” place of girl first choice mansion house, can  stimulate the healthy advancement the child most, promote the kid every day up. Bogey found in the “northwest”, “northwest” in the eight trigrams location for your “qian gua” indications since the father of the particular family, if chosen this particular location, the child’s nature is too premature, absence of vitality, an easy task to possess self-closed tendency.



The structure of children room is arranged want “hasten overall avoid is absent”, a lot more give priority to with square, for example: the particular design is unfavorable bevel protruding Angle, bevel is usually simple form the
impression on line of view, much horn is easy form squeeze, because this adds the energy burden of person, come down for a long period simple occurrence incident and also have chronic disease.
two. The room is well-chosen along with bright colors
The color of children room plus space are mixed best give priority to along with bright hall, relaxed, cheerful, the colour of home furniture should bright-coloured and possess vigor, with rich child imagination, add interest. The
particular philosophy of zhouyi is usually the day is obvious, ground is turbid, the particular ceiling in children room space is given concern to with light colour, floor material is provided priority to with tactility comfortable, wen
run, do not use marble, carpeting. The metope processing of youngsters room can enough variety, can be colorful, furthermore can decorous warmth. Windowpane cloth colour can opt for the colour of bright hall, avoid excessive and heavy colour.

3. The alignment of bed placement is exquisite
Children are skilled, active, and have a strong fascination with things. They will have the greatest quantity of energy and activity. The god who takes care of children is a lot more important. The effect associated with “god” refers to
the particular effect of “god” within the human body, that is demonstrated by the eye, the ear, the mouth area, as well as the thinking and cognition of “god” in the particular human body. However , parents in our country have little
attention to the particular “god”, that is, the particular development of intelligence. Little one’s room beds are important as they are a destination to sleep and recover, especially the particular amount of activity needed for
children’s advanced understanding and growth, which must be replenished.
Bed by sunlight cannot too much, too strong, if too a lot child is merely upset. Usually speaking, if household goes by reform, incorporate the balcony into children room, therefore bed had don’t end up being on the balcony position. If
have French windowpane, had better not location in French window nearby also. The top of the bed cannot possess the motion of motor or recurring noise, the ring associated with clock answer answer, recorder music, the head furthermore
should not have air conditioning machine or suction fan, night functioning basic influence sleep quality. Mattress is inadvisable to encounter mirror directly, cause 7 above 8 below just.
In children building visible sense of beauty and features, can decoration little figures, sports supplies. Perform not imitate a individual or vivid doll, doll, doll. Simple and vibrant images can even be hung, yet do not hang large and
dignified images. Additional, in the children’s area can not be decorated with beast head, blade, beast horn, giant folding fan. The desk that will children room places post had better not be overmuch, also usually do not place the
large wall art for living room , as the mirror is simple, the attention push when interference child discovers; And unfavorable also location tall thing, as an example bookshelf, such simple add child psychological pressure, bring regarding anorexic study mood.

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