Children room decoration – the choice of children room decoration

Furniture for children’s rooms
Want to accomplish the health of children furniture environmental protection sex,Large Canvas Art  must notice the material that children room furniture is qualitative, use solid wood furniture as far as possible, solid wood furniture colour and lustre is natural, maintained the natural ecru of lumber, grain is clear and beautiful;
High elasticity and permeability, good thermal conductivity and simple maintenance;
Modelling is guileless and easy, line is full and fluent, do show good simple sense.
Non – solid wood furniture is like board type furniture, although appearance is more advantageous, but not environmental protection, because this children furniture USES natural woodiness material as far as possible.

Besides the furniture of big piece, when decorating children room, still should consider the age characteristic of the child, increase the element with beautiful colour that a few children like.
For example, red and green are vibrant and vibrant colors.
If metope color is deeper, can be a little more plain on the choice of soft outfit.
Instead, soft colors should be a little more intense.

Furniture for children’s room – choice of wall and wall
Metope: the proposal USES environmental protection cloth wallpaper to make adornment, not only environmental protection, and clean easily.
Textile things are like the curtain of the room, the clothings that buy newly, cloth art furniture,Large Canvas Art Cheap cloth makes toy to wait, also should notice to choose carefully, choose as far as possible those environmental protection does not have pollution pledge.

Hang act the role of: on the wall around the room, paste a few colourful picture, had better be a few lively and lovely children figure is drawn, small animal is drawn, can give newborn a good visual stimulation.
Above the baby bed, about 15 to 20 cm in height, hang some bright colors and can make a sound toy, in neonatal awake, and gently shaking toy, he will not to turn the eyes to see, according to the shaking of the toys this training both visual and training the hearing, the potential development of the neonatal brain has certain positive role.

More than 100 to tell you about the children room is comfortable furnishing articles on the choice of a few tricks,Large Canvas Art Sale  of children room decorate is not only to give the child a living space, children room is decorated in the time devoted to children or parents full of love, need to consider when decorating children room problem has a lot of, in consideration of be fond of of children at the same time to ensure the safety, but parents trouble is to let the children happy.

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