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Oil painting elements-large wall art for living room

Large wall art for living room-Oil painting belongs to visual art.Great Big Canvas  The most basic visual elements of oil painting include body, line, light and shade, texture, space and color.
A successful oil painting depends on the painter’s comprehensive grasp and skillful use of the most basic visual elements of oil painting.
The unique oil painting is the outstanding application of some basic elements,Black And White Painting thus forming the unique personal style of many oil painters.
Form is the most basic element of oil painting, which contains both shape and volume.
Shape refers to the external spatial feature of the image, EXTRA LARGE 72″ HORIZONTAL ACRYLIC PAINTING ON CANVAS, MINIMALIST PAINTING CANVAS ART  and volume refers to the three-dimensional spatial form of the object.

In depicting objective images, forms are highly expressive, which requires the painter to be good at grasping the forms and features of the images, to have a keen visual response ability and profound expressive ability to the objects, and to discover and explore the expressive value and aesthetic meaning hidden in the depth of the forms.

Lines are the main means of oil painting modeling, the first human to depict natural images from the beginning of lines.
It is an irreplaceable visual element in the art of painting. The unpredictable lines reflect the painter’s emotional experience of life.
Vertical and straight lines are solemn, lofty, and have a sense of eternity;
The horizontal line brings people peace, tranquility, distance and even the emotion of death.
The diagonal line is full of tension, motion, restlessness and danger;
The curve expresses ethereal, tender and romantic emotions.
The cross is silent and solemn;
The irregular lines are bitter, sad and restless.
Space is the depth of vision produced by painting art in two dimensions.
The picture space is not a real space, but a copy of the real space. It is the illusory space created by the painter by using lines, light and shade and color.
Size, height, actual and actual, cold and warm can let a person produce dimensional feeling.
In modern painting, painters use more colors to create picture space.

Colour and light and shade are indivisible, light and shade relation is reflected through colour brightness.
Tonal color cannot consider colour only the light and shade, the world of binfan is formed by colour, colour is life.
However, the perception of color varies from person to person.
On the one hand, people with weak color blindness; on the other hand, people’s subjective emotions can directly affect the visual sensitivity to color, temperature and temperature, and people’s preference for different colors.
The subjective color formed the painter each different color appearance.

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