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Oil Painting Decorators Add More Color And Happiness to Their Homes

People are demanding higher and higher quality of life at home. In addition to decoration style and furniture, Great Big Canvas Art can actually serve as the “finishing touch” of the living room. Oil painting is one of the most aristocratic decorative Extra Large Abstract Wall Art, which can be copied or created according to the needs of consumers, with a unique style. Now I’d like to introduce the selection and arrangement of oil paintings in different areas.


The living room, as the main place of home activities, is the most noticeable part of every family, and has the mission of contacting the inside and outside and communicating the guests and hosts. The theme, tone, style and even frame of the Large Abstract Canvas Art hanging in the living room should be unified with the furniture and decoration in the hall.

If it is classical, especially retro style, then European palace or religious theme is the best choice. Complex composition, gorgeous scenes and long culture, implicitly displaying luxury and noble atmosphere at the same time, but also constantly highlight the identity status and connotation of the master, can greatly enhance the overall decoration effect. If it is a neutral and conservative style, classical or realistic architecture and landscape are the best choice. In addition to the hardware factors such as the main tone, spatial level and painting accuracy, the characteristics of the architecture or scenery in the painting should not be neglected, because the connotation and soul of the work are endowed by it. If it is a modern simple style, then a semi-original classical partial impression style is the best choice.

The bedroom is a hotbed of wonderful dreams and fantasies, and a catalyst for connecting real life with imaginary illusions. Because the bedroom is the master’s private territory, so there is no need to stick to the topic of Big Abstract Painting, the only theme is to create a comfortable, comfortable, warm and romantic atmosphere. If you don’t have a specific idea, I recommend human body and warm tone landscape theme, classical or classical partial impression style. Bedroom hanging picture is the best position of the bedside, must use double nails hanging to ensure safety. Bedroom Painting pays attention to the overall coordination and local contrast, through visual contrast to highlight the decorative effect.

A relaxed, lively, elegant and soft oil painting in the restaurant will bring you a pleasant mood for dining. Whether it’s with solid wood table or modern transparent glass table, it can create a refreshing and pleasant atmosphere with open appetite.

Restaurant painting, size control in about 50 cm x 60 cm is more suitable.

Classical still life such as fruit platter, flower utensils and so on are more orthodox choices; they can also be chosen according to personal preferences, such as red wine; realistic landscape paintings such as blue sea, blue sky, green mountains and green waters are also the personality choices of urban fast-paced people.

When choosing restaurant painting, we should pay attention to the following points: the tone should be soft and fresh, the picture should be clean and tidy, and the strokes should be delicate and realistic. When dining room and living room are integrated, it is better to coordinate with drawing in living room.

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